Give Me A REST!


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Ben Shoemaker at 17:00 on 17 Sep 2016

Communicated a great introduction to developing REST API's and how to put one together in a manner that adds value to it use, maintenance, and future improvements.

Ian Littman at 17:35 on 18 Sep 2016

Pretty solid REST talk. For the sake of time a few pieces were hand-waved over (e.g. OAuth/JWT), pacing was a bit off at times (or maybe it was me becoming distracted about material I already know about :) ), and I'd call HAL/Siren/JSON-API and vnd.error/http-problem close enough to a spec for hypermedia for horseshoes and hand grenades (forgot to mention this as feedback on this talk at Sunshine this year...oops), but on the whole a worthwhile presentation.