Laravel: Design and Philosophy


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Ian Littman at 17:45 on 18 Sep 2016

This talk ended up being a lot about history and the "why" behind Laravel rather than the "what"...and that's fine! Laravel and its stable of products are documented well enough to understand, and there are plenty of resources out there, but as a bit of a laravel skeptic the heavy focus on the why's of decisions made, whether Homestead, Valet, the framework in general (including not-actually-SemVer), or other ancillary products was quite informative.

None of the above makes me a Laravel acolyte, but the added context was definitely appreciated.

As one nitpick, the response to the Great Middleware Signature Debate question felt a bit edgy, particularly given the poop-flinging that's happened in the FIG over that signature.

Sadly, it was not what I expected. Taylor took around 10-15 talking about himself instead of talking about Laravel and important pieces of this framework. We have many powerful tools and things around laravel and I expected to see that instead of a life description of Taylor.

Adam Bassett at 10:07 on 19 Sep 2016

Having only used Laravel for about 2 years I found this talk about the history of Laravel interesting. I would have liked to hear more about what makes Laravel the better tool over other frameworks, and/or what is new and coming next. I'm a big advocate of using the right tool for the job and I can see some of the places where I think Laravel is the best tool for the job, but would have liked to hear where it might excel in other places.