The State of the PHP Community


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Adrian Burden at 16:31 on 17 Sep 2016

Clear and passionate speaker. We all need to promote the positive of the PHP community!

Ian Littman at 18:02 on 18 Sep 2016

Solid talk, with a clear call to action. Though I think that the fraction of folks who aren't currently in the community is waaaay higher than he estimated during the presentation. But hey, that makes the call to action all the more urgent.

Thanks for kudos Adrian & Ian ... Ian as to your feedback on the %'s ... I actually agree with you. I think that the percent of 'PHP coders' who aren't part of the community, who are in the '3rd ring' is probably something like 80 or 90% (or higher). But if I said that in my talk, IMO, people would have taken me to task because I don't really have real numbers to back it up.

So I decided that it was best to 'way underestimate' at 50%, because few would actually argue against that number. And as you said, if I'm low (which I believe I am), it makes the call to action all that more urgent.