CQRS (Command Query Responsibility Segregation) and ES (Event Sourcing) are challenging if approached for the first time, and especially if done from scratch.

This full-day tutorial will lead give a basic understanding of what CQRS and ES are, including their complexities, advantages and pitfalls.

We will help you modeling, designing and implementing an application relying on these architectural patterns, guiding you through:

- Domain analysis via "Event Storming" basics
- Architectural components involved in the CQRS setup
- Architectural components involved in the ES setup
- Data flow and rules of an ES system
- Synchronous/Asynchronous dispatching
- Potential architectural pitfalls
- Implementing domain logic with aggregates
- Projection design, efficient read-model implementations
- Scaling the architecture
- Concurrency issues
- Writing CQRS+ES-friendly specifications in Gherkin, and specification-testing them with Behat


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