Symfony has always been a great way to create high-quality, professional apps. But actually building that app... well... it's never been as fast and simple as it should be. That's about to change!
With Symfony 4, the community worked hard to remove as much boilerplate as possible, so that it's never been easier to create your app, whether it's a traditional one, or a cutting edge API first single page app.
We'll practice the new experience of developing with Symfony, with a totally new way to build apps, where you start micro (just 1 file!) and smoothly scale up as big as you want.
Need to add an admin generator to your app? No problem: run one command to install it, enable it and even configure & integrate it with sensible defaults. An hypermedia API? One command also to have everything wired for you. Whether you're new to Symfony or an old pro, you'll walk away happy for sure.


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Jorge Castro at 20:57 on 8 Oct 2017

Para mí ha cumplido con lo que esperaba.