WordPress Moneyball: How a Little Web Shop Can Continually Out-muscle the Big Dogs by Exploiting Overvalued Things


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Toby is an energetic and charismatic presenter. I (and most everyone else, I suspect) really enjoyed his interpretation of Moneyball and how he could apply the principles from the classic book to his work and personal life (A+ on the charts!). That said, I felt that the talk didn't quite cover its topic as described and was a bit on the short side - I'd like to have a bit more to dig into that I could consider applying to my own work. It did have lots of laughs, though!

I love how you shared about your experiments. And how you look at things a bit differently than usual.

Anonymous at 23:23 on 4 Oct 2014

Toby shared one of the most useful business tips of the entire conference: respond to all communications within business hours and all emails within 24 hours. This one habit significantly increased his business' revenue. That observation alone was worth the ticket price.