During the talk I will explain what recent browser technologies have emerged and how you can apply this to make the experience of the user better. This won't mean that you need to drop support for older browsers, these improvements can be used to enhance the experience instead of replacing it.


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Informative demo of the power of FramerX, well prepared and engaging.

Flavio Maccarrone at 06:49 on 8 Oct 2018

Maybe the best presentation of the day. Speaker was excellent and topic was a surprise!!! Very good job!!!

Ivica Hrg at 17:54 on 9 Oct 2018

Top presentation

Luca Fabbri at 18:13 on 9 Oct 2018

(OT: are you sure this above was the real title and argument of the talk?)

It was a pleasure to see this inspect of Framerx. I think that the introduction and references to old-days Dreamweaver perfectly got the point. It was a pleasure to see a so young guy rocks so much. Well done.

Excellent talk by Ives, it was really interesting to envision the future of web development tooling with him

Stefano Magni at 08:15 on 16 Oct 2018

Very very very interesting talk