Apollo has given us freedom and happiness when it comes to managing our data coming from the server but we still had to write code and sometimes a lot of it to manage our local state?

Well, what if we managed it with queries too? Sounds too awesome right?

Let's learn how to do this with apollo-link-state.


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Flavio Maccarrone at 06:47 on 8 Oct 2018

Sara is a very good teacher, great explanation...but I didn't understand why she went so fast!!! And to be honest I did not appreciate the Redux vs Apollo GraphQL battle. I hoped to see more :-(

Luca Fabbri at 18:07 on 9 Oct 2018

Loved the topic, unluckily this time Sara gone to fast speaking so I lost many details.

Ivica Hrg at 18:10 on 9 Oct 2018

Great idea and a nice talk... if she had more time, I think it would be great

Stefano Magni at 08:13 on 16 Oct 2018

- if you tell us that you hate Redux... we can imagine why but some comparisons could be helpful
- a running example could be useful in this case
- Sara spoke too much fast for a topic like this one