Reprocessing is a new library for Reason, a rather new programming language building on the OCaml + JavaScript ecosystems. It’s a lean wrapper around OpenGL and WebGL and allows truly cross-platform games to be written rather easily.
Reason is great for a whole lot of things, but let me take you through a story of trying to write a 2D physics engine in just under 8 hours (Mistakes were made), what strongly typed languages don’t protect you off, and a vision of what you could build with Reason or Reprocessing. The universal future is coming, and Reason is orienting itself just right with projects like bsb-native.


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Luca Fabbri at 18:22 on 9 Oct 2018

The topic has potential, the speaker described it quite well, nice the tale of the air travel that lead to the project, but I had the feel it isn't resolved in any useful information.

Ivica Hrg at 18:31 on 9 Oct 2018

It was more a fun story from an office trip then something usefull.