Over the past 4 years, React Router has become one of the most widely used pieces of the React ecosystem. Working on React Router was actually how I got my start in React, and it's been incredibly humbling and rewarding to work on something that brings so much value to businesses and to the React community. In this talk, I'll cover the current state of React Router, as well as discuss several new features and updates we have made so the router is ready for React's (async) future!


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Matteo Ronchi at 14:34 on 5 Oct 2018

I really enjoyed the talk! Fun and informative.

Jiayi Hu at 16:12 on 5 Oct 2018

Always loving to see under the hood of the most used projects and Micheal did it very clearly and easily to follow

Really awesome!

Flavio Maccarrone at 06:41 on 8 Oct 2018

Very fun and interesting...always a good thing to see "how it's made" one of the most popular library users are using. Michael is a good teacher ;-)

Ivica Hrg at 18:02 on 9 Oct 2018


Luca Fabbri at 18:03 on 9 Oct 2018

I loved how Micheal shown how to build the library itself, he shown how to take a useful piece of code and make it a component. In fact he taught how to think in a React way.

Ivica Hrg at 18:40 on 9 Oct 2018

Expected more advanced talk, rather then really really basic example how router works

Micheal is really a great speaker! It was really fun watching him live coding react router!

Stefano Magni at 08:10 on 16 Oct 2018

The speaker was great but the first part of the talk was useless (IMHO) because we all use react-router and we don't need to know what is about and why it's useful... instead: the second half of the talk was pretty interesting (where Michael went deep to the interesting code/patterns)