From Ember to React, One way ticket


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Interesting subject but too much reading
Also approximate english made the talk difficult to follow

Samuele Cat Gatti at 16:38 on 30 Oct 2015

Anonymous at 16:49 on 30 Oct 2015

Anonymous at 16:57 on 30 Oct 2015

Anonymous at 17:07 on 30 Oct 2015

That's not the way you do a speech at a tech conference, sorry.

A failure: a tech conf is not a university. You need to keep people engaged.

Anonymous at 13:35 on 31 Oct 2015

To everyone who commented: please note that it was a first time for Francesca, and that she was ill... be gentle please, and it would be great if you give also some advice about how to get better :-)

Not so interesting, too many details.

Cesare, it was obvious that she was not prepared for this kind of talk.
I (like lot of guys that left a comment) am not able to do a talk, I don't really speak so well english, but I'm absolutely aware of this, and so I don't do talks.

But I (like everybody that attended this event) was expecting really prepared speakers, not people that waste my time to train theirselves.

When I go to usergroups events, I know that who speaks could be not so prepared, but I know that it's like talking to some friends and learn easily.

It's all about expectation. After attending the PHPDay 2015, and listening to great talker like Evans, Zimuel, Pivetta, Boggiano and many others, what do you think I can think after listening to Francesca?

If you are not prepared, don't do talk. Try in your school, with your friend.
This is not a trainer course. This kind of events are the launch pad for many young developers that approach with code. Do you think this kind of bad talks help them?

Our mission is to take care of who will help us in the future. These events are not a joke, they are really important. We don't have to underestimate them.

Personally, I didn't like both the subject and the way it's been exposed. It should have been tried more times! Francesca, try to present these kind of important talks to people before the conference. Go to meetups and try it there! I did it for my talk and it helped a lot (even if I still have tons of things that need to be improved)