React.js: Rethinking UI development


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Anonymous at 12:02 on 30 Oct 2015

Samuele Cat Gatti at 12:24 on 30 Oct 2015

Very nice introduction. The view of the new keywords introduced with the new Ecmascript was also very helpful. Good work

Anonymous at 14:06 on 30 Oct 2015

Good Beginner Stuff

Good Beginner Stuff.

Nice introduction.

Anonymous at 09:43 on 31 Oct 2015

Perhaps a little out of scope in my opinion, the EC6 part was too long.

Anonymous at 11:18 on 31 Oct 2015

Good introduction. ES6 whas a little out of scope.

Nice overview of React

Nice introduction, not many interesting pointers for people already knowing the subject.