User is working with your application, suddenly, UI freezes and probably, one of the CPU cores is burning! They cannot do anything. The only perception you can feel is as hot as a hell metal case of the laptop. Although this sounds like a horror movie, this is your application that cannot leverage modern APIs to lift heavy computation to a different thread where consequently user suffers the pain. Modern features like Web Workers, WebAssembly, Worklets, and Service Worker allow us to leverage multithreading computing to run tasks parallelly which at the end, makes the user feel like in a rainbow paradise instead of a nightmare, even though JavaScript is a single-threaded programming language! In this session, I am going to show my experience running jobs in parallel on a React application that will provide a pleasant user experience and exciting development.


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Very clear and compelling presentation of relevant stuff.

Alessandro at 19:44 on 4 Oct 2019

Great talk. Thanks!

Super Talk! 💪

Massimo Regi at 16:27 on 7 Oct 2019

Very interesting topic, thanks 💯