There are many UI components that carry a huge deal of complexity. Usually, we deal with complexity in UI without noticing it. As truly said, the devil is in the detail. We usually don't notice this until it's too late! That's why no matter how clean our components and their API surface looks when the first attempt is out, many bugs pop out soon and adding new features gives us a hard time! In this talk, I will try to demonstrate how we underestimate the complexity in React UI components and propose an approach to simplify this effort by modeling the behavior of the component using Reactive Statecharts. I'll go through the thinking model of how to tackle this complexity in developing the component, how to think properly about the edge cases and how to model this explicitly using Reactive Statecharts.


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Alessandro at 19:53 on 4 Oct 2019

Loved this talk. Thanks.

to me something extremly new, thanks!

The talk was good, it covered an aspect that was covered last year too. This time we went more in details on the use of StateCharts but I couldn't relate to the use of StateCharts with React so a pragmatic example of use would be good. I'm looking forward to the video so I can understand more.