Directly inspired by John Ousterhout's great book about designing good software, this talk presents an opinionated take on the principles and patterns to follow when programming in React. We start first with an understanding of the nature of complexity, and then we proceed to evaluate how to best approach problems like component abstractions, API and composition. What should be included in a React component? How should we divide them? Which principles should we follow when designing the Component props? These are only a few of the everyday design decisions we have to make. This talk wants to provide opinionated guidance for these kinds of questions.


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Interesting point of view!

Luca Maroni at 13:28 on 21 Oct 2022

Always super interesting and easy to follow ⭐


Really clarified a lot of stuff. Completely agree with everything discussed. Gonna use some of that in future projects

Alessandro at 14:40 on 21 Oct 2022


Rosario at 18:01 on 21 Oct 2022