Widgets are custom, interactive objects you place in a Figma or Figjam file to extend functionality and make everything a bit more fun. They are written in a declarative style similar to React components, which gets translated to become a node on the canvas. So can you go the other way, from canvas to code? Yes! We created Widget Code Generator that allows you go to from Design -> Widget interface in a button click. We’ll discuss how we used the public Figma plugin API to generate widget code from a design file, and make a working widget together using this.


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Ada Botonjic at 12:37 on 21 Oct 2022

Great talk, interesting and funny.

Gloria Goldin at 12:42 on 21 Oct 2022

Cool stuff from Jenny, thanks for your talk!

I loved the figma widget demo :) Thanks for the insight Jenny!

Really great and fun to learn how to create new figma widget! Thank you for sharing!

Rosario at 18:03 on 21 Oct 2022