Build performant web apps with a full-stack framework, Remix. Remix focuses on the UI to enjoy fast & resilient UX. Experience the 'Remix magic' that enables no fetching & pre-fetch all in parallel before users make actions. As Remix focuses on UI & UX, why not share the 'Remix magic' with the business users? In this talk, we’re going to see together the combination of the new generation of a full-stack framework, Remix & a visual editor integrated headless CMS (Storyblok). Are you ready to explore a whole new level of experience?


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Gloria Goldin at 11:06 on 21 Oct 2022

Great talk! I enjoyed it :D

Luca Maroni at 14:02 on 21 Oct 2022

Meh, started well, but I'd prefer if it was more focused on Remix and less on the product

Rosario at 18:02 on 21 Oct 2022

Good talk.

Excellent talk! Enjoyed it!