The new launched this year introducing new methodologies like challenges and interactive sandboxes and subtle inclusivity features, like “international tone” and culturally agnostic examples.
Not only have the new docs changed how people learn React, they’ve inspired how we think about developer education as a community.
In this talk, you will learn how the React team and some ambitious community members made the “React docs rock” for a generation of front end developers and how these new patterns and established techniques can be applied in your favorite projects.


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Realy nice presentation

Gloria Goldin at 12:06 on 27 Oct 2023

Great content and ideas that was pointed out. Thanks Rachel :)

Really inspiring talk! Thank you !

well done!

Thanks Rachel!

Matteo Monti at 12:57 on 27 Oct 2023

The talk was clear, smooth and well-prepared

Clear talk :)

Nice presentation