Splitting the view from the controller is foundational to build great applications.
We tend to rely on external libraries to manage their state. But React itself has a great off-the-shelf state management tool: the useReducer. In this talk we’re going to get to know more about it, and especially learn how to enhance it tailoring it to our needs.
You'll discover what you have been missing.


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Great info and talk, thank you

Great job Especially for being the first time on stage. Keep up the good work guys!


Gloria Goldin at 11:06 on 27 Oct 2023

Couldn't get the purpose of the talk. BTW thanks to the speakers :)

I like the subject of the talk but I didn’t really like the presentation but...it's their first time so, CONGRATS!

Great subject, your way of presenting was funny even if you seemed stressed!

not bad

Nice talk, I surely look forward to learn how to implement reducers in my project!

I appreciate the wish of speakers to present the state not with only one point of truth.

The Rate is 4, no one talk is under 4. All the talk are interesting