This talk explores how Server Components work, and why we need new-generation tooling for it.


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Tejas Kumar (Speaker) at 09:10 on 27 Oct 2023

love it

Perfect 🎉🎉🎉

Rally usefull talk.. ty a lot

Gloria Goldin at 10:17 on 27 Oct 2023

Just perfect, thanks Tejas for your talk and your passion to do it :)

Alessandro at 10:17 on 27 Oct 2023

Thanks. Great talk. Love it

Marco Rossi at 10:18 on 27 Oct 2023

Great talk! Thanks

Luca at 10:21 on 27 Oct 2023


Marco Belley at 10:34 on 27 Oct 2023


Marco Gobbi at 10:43 on 27 Oct 2023

Great talk! Thanks Tejas

very interesting and clear explanation

Awesome talk :) Superb energy

Inspiring. Thank you!

Fantastic and very usefull !! Thanks a lot Tejas!

Useful and really interesting!

Matteo Monti at 12:54 on 27 Oct 2023

very interesting!

Really amazing talk! Clear and interesting!

Bianca at 14:45 on 27 Oct 2023

Great talk 😄

Luca Rinero at 18:31 on 27 Oct 2023

Wow, great talk, first talk of the day and very very interesting!

This talk was fantastic.
I was amazed from the skills by Tejas