What if you can use the fastest JavaScript framework along with React? What if you can build applications that feel fast regardless of application size?
Qwik is a JavaScript framework that uses a new rendering paradigm called resumability. It can serialize a JavaScript app into HTML, thus eliminating the need for the hydration technique used in meta-frameworks like Next.js.
In this talk, Ruby Jane Cabagnot will talk about Qwik and reusability. Then talk about QwikReact, which allows you to use React components in Qwik, including the whole ecosystem of component libraries, such as Material UI, Threejs, and React Spring.
Is Qwik the world's first O(1) JavaScript framework? Let's find out.


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Thank you for the talk!

Alessandro at 15:37 on 27 Oct 2023

Qwik seems great. Thanks!

Impressive technology, things were clear


I liked this talk. Thank you Ruby!

Interesting framework, might be game changing in the future!

Thank you for your talk

The rate is 4, no one talk is under 4