Enterprises have embraced Open Source software - but their grip is suffocating. Business critical software is plagued by vulnerabilities because of maintainer burnout. We're looking for more sustainable models, and regaining control over what our code can be used for - enter the Hippocratic License. GitHub taking down software that was vital infrastructure for opposition groups in Spain shows us that no one party (let alone company) should own access to open source software. The world runs on open source, how do we make sure it can do so sustainably and reliably?


Comments are closed. first I was skeptical about no slide OSS talk, but you totally kidnapped me. + tons of resources! thnx

I'm impressed how thorough you researched the state of open source, it was very insightful, and I was able to follow most of the time even without sides (though I would personally prefer to have slides :))

Ola Pazio at 13:09 on 16 Sep 2020

I'm really waiting for the blog post now :)

Guido at 18:17 on 16 Sep 2020

Thank you, very interesting talk!