Product metrics could be handy to analyze feature performance and get in-depth into business essence. But they are mostly out of the developer's scope. I am going to tell you why developers should use product analytics and how easy set it up in your project.


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the unexpected metrics! great details, many tools. definitively usefull

I appreciate that you included subtitles, but a pre-read talk unfortunately didn't work for me in this case. I felt the sentences were often read word-by-word, that the important parts of the sentences weren't emphasized, which made the content difficult to follow. The audio was also changing in volume between parts, which was a bit distracting, especially when in some parts it felt like you were whispering :)

I would've been interested in hearing more about Yabeda. But I suppose explaining this project in more detail wasn't in the scope of the presentation. Anyway, thank you for the talk :)