I saw a green build on a Friday afternoon. I knew I need to push it to production before the weekend. My gut told me it was a trap. I had already stayed late to revert a broken deploy. I knew the risk. In the middle of a service extraction project, we decided to migrate from REST to GraphQL and optimize API usage. My deploy was a part of this radical change. Why was I deploying so late? How did we measure the migration effects? And why was I testing on production? I'll tell you a tale of small steps, monitoring, and old tricks in a new setting. Hope, despair, and broken production included.


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It was fun and pretty interesting 👏👏👏

Paolo Martin at 14:02 on 7 Apr 2021

Really inspirational

Marco Albanese at 14:25 on 7 Apr 2021

Nice talk with a real "production" story

Alberto at 15:22 on 7 Apr 2021

Nice and relatable presentation. Fridays for me are "no-deploy-days" :)

Guido at 19:12 on 7 Apr 2021

nice talk thank you!

Thiago Borges at 19:41 on 7 Apr 2021

I like to see real world (closer to average projects) cases and how the problems are managed.