M1.01 - In Their Own Words: High School Students Define the Boundaries of Facebook and Other Social Media


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great presentation

very helpful. generated some ideas to implement.

awesome presentation! packed house demonstrated the interest in this topic.

very informative and helpful

good thoughful presentation. covered a lot of ground with date back up position.

wish the audio on the clips had been better. good discussion

enjoyed this session. good info shared! thank you.

informative and entertaining

good eye opeing info

great! i really learned a lot of great, new ideas.

good ideas on how to connect and or identify with prospective students.

good discussion. a lot of registrars in the room a joint presentation might be good.

great through information given. new ideas.

time for discussion and comments was good.

great information, nice video examples of students perspectives. good ideas sharing. thank you!

very informative. good job

excellent, relevant information, promoting and triggering feedback. gave me a lot to think about.

great info. we are working to utilize social media more and our institution.

good presentation! Good information!

great info and useful tips