M1.04 - Prelude to Pomp and Circumstance


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Roundtable format is often chaotic and unwieldy, and this was no exception. But the information flowed very well. Excellent exchange of information!

great open discussion

great roundtable discussion on graduation processing

very informal but informative session

great information and conversation

nice to hear what your colleagues across the country are doing. Got some good ideas to take back.

enjoyed the interactive comments. Very informative.

Great discussion. Perhaps more structures.

A lot of good ideas to take back to the office.

question and answer routine was very helpful.

Very informal and covered alot of topics. It was nice to hear the different opinions of everyone in the crowd. Could have been controlled a bit butter. The audience kind of led the discussion.

Really helpful. Nice to know what other institutions are doing and how they handle graduation. Woo hoo.

Nice roundtable discussion

Good session for conversation about commencement, diplomas, and issues related to graduation.

Good session. Lots of ideas.

Good participation. No presentation.

Great roundtable discussion. Kristi was very organized and startedthe discussion at the beginning of the graduation process through commencement.

Very helpful.

open forum. good info

Good discussion, but not many tools to walk away with.