M1.05 - Online Admissions Review – How to customize an admissions document viewer so that no one misses paper


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Spoke well--very engaging.

Good solid brief & platform for Ideals

Too technical for my needs-

Hi-tech discussion at a users level. Very well done.

Great presentation! Very efficient process!

Very interesting!

Very informative. Thanks

Session focused on individualized execution and few strategies/tactics to apply at institutions other than UT Austin. Presenter is very knowledgable.

It was a good session as we are trying to move in this direction. I thought there was a software, but they built this from the ground up. Would have been nice to have software suggestions.

The description for the class was different than what the session was about. They have on site workers reviewing applications. However I was under the impression that I could learn something new as far as in home reviews.

Wow! Neat system-seems like info would be better for IT staff.

Good computer termilongy & "things to think about" in developing a good system.

Very interested concept I can apply in my workplace. I learned a lot. I suggest you spend less time in statistics (at the beginning) and say less "I'll talk about it later" other than that you did great!