Universities all across the country are scrambling to create online classes and degree programs to meet the demand for online learning. But academic integrity issues inevitably arise, especially with today’s college students who view this environment with different eyes. This session explores how you can address these issues.


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Very informative information!

Good session!

Very informative!!

Great session - I learned a lot!

Very engaging & great info!!
Thank you!

Provided some good suggestions for fostering academic integrity in an environment of expanding technology.

Excellent new perspective on subject.
Kept my attention throughout the session.

Presenter did a great job helping me undersatnd more about 'Gen Y' people/students.

Good Job! Animated speaker kept audience engaged.
Answered Questions but might need to leave a few more minutes.

A lot of focus on how to teach online rather than academic integrity. Overall, informative and useful. However, for those in the audience who are Gen Y, some of the generalizations were borderline insulting.