Did you know that half of all college students used mobile gear to get on the Internet every day last year, compared with 10 percent of students in 2008? And do you know what information they say is the most important to them? (Programs and majors is the answer.) The purpose of this presentation is to explore the increasing use of the Mobile Web in higher education, and to share with you how Digital Architecture is helping its customers respond to this important Internet phenomenon. We'll take a live look at the new Acalog (academic catalog management system) smart phone application, and show you how our customers are activating their catalogs on the Mobile Web with the push of a button.


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Anonymous at 09:37 on 21 Feb 2011

Very nice, like the smartphone LCD interface.

Good information.

Very interesting.

Very interesting & informative.

Very useful to see misc. mobile apps to understand what its all about.
We love Acalog & if the mobile app is as great as the 'text' publisher, this looks excellent.

Very informative. Provided intriguing information and great powerpoint. enjoyed the interactive slides.

Thiw as a model corporate partner track session because the presenter taught us about the technology in general not just the product they sell.

I learned a great deal about web-based catalogs and smart phone apps, not just Acalog's products.

Thank you!

Great -- Did not know about mobile app. We need an updated at UT-Knoxville. We will meet w/you!

I think this is a way for colleges to spend more wisely. I'm a vendor and I have clients that would be interested.

We use Acalog and love it! Lookoing forward to the mobile App!


Interesting product, all sales pitch, not much helpful general info. Good interactive visual presentation.

Very cool technology, good presentation.