Student provides releases and directory restriction through self-service and the information is available to faculty and staff with access to student records. Faculty is provided with gentle reminder about FERPA and directed to website for a FERPA training and Quiz.


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good ideas/operations of modifying PeopleSoft to manage access to info.

Great information. Very well presented. Answered questions thoroughly.

Like the tutorial for Ferpa

very beneficial session!

I appreciate the handout.

Very boring session.

Helpful to new users & P.S. schools. New to Higher Ed. - very basic FERPA 101.

Good presentation. I am going to the FERPA part of the SMU website to view first hand the FERPA port.

some screens were very interesting and worthy of customizing - Tidbit to take home to I.S. team.

Very Informative

Very well organized. Good slides though writing was small. Very knowledgeable.

His knowledge of the topic was excellent, and his presentation was good.

Great content on website w/info + training materials for FERPA. Audience thought this was FERPA 101 & asked questions that detracted from flow of true session topic but Joe got us back on track. Thanks, Joe!

Would like more information.

not applicable to our system. very customized. still informative. should tell what system this is in the future.

Enjoyed learning additional FERPA information with the lecture and handouts.

Presentation was not dynamic but material was organized well. His PowerPOINT was informative and helpful. Overall, a helpful session!

Love the online FERPA tutorial & quiz. Grat idea for mod in student system.

great info on the general rules of FERPA