The University of Alabama has successfully implemented a workflow process for grade changes thus eliminating the need to pass paper forms and obtaining signed approvals. This session will discuss the submission and approval processes culminating with the automatic updating of grades, which have replaced the traditional paper form and approval process as well as the manual entry of grade changes. This workflow process has dramatically reduced the time and errors associated with manually processing a grade change, while requiring and tracking that appropriate personnel approved the change. (This is a repeat from last year that was asked to be presented again due to over-capacity attendance at the 2010 session.)


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Great information

good info a little wandering.

Good job very interesting. Little hard to follow if you are not a Banner user. Either should be geared as Banner User Group type mtg or more detail toward filling holes. It was fifteen minutes before I learned that Workflow was add-on to Banner!

Banner specific, and process a little simple for my institution, but good to see the process working elsewhere.

Very good presentation. Presenter was able to handle questions (with intelligent replies), that diverted us briefly, but then steered us back on track.

I loved the 'techie' code screens, it allowed me to see what the actual data elements were.

Although we are a DataTel school, seeing how a Banner school works with it will be useful.

good job presenting. I wish the software was available to a wider audience than just Banner users.

Outstanding - took a complex process and made it understandable for a non-tech person.

Nice presentation. Would like to have seen more workflow set-up screens.

Very knowledgeable about this topic. Really knows his stuff and was able to answer questions with ease.

Excellent job!

Excellent - not too Banner specific, so those of use not on Banner could still follow along. Great information provided.

Excellent presentation! Very useful topic and great information. Presenter was very knowledgeavle and able to offer suggestions for dealing w/special circumstances asked about by audience members.

Getting Banner shortly - very informative, plan to get handout

Excellent session. Would like to hear a comparable presentation from a Peoplesoft user institution.

Good information

Very informative - product possible looking forward to initiating

Great session! Lots of good and helpful information. Repeat again!

Very knowledgable presenter and useful presentation

Very informative

Very helpful information! We are getting ready to implement workflow at our campus.

This is a good session for people who use Banner. Unfortunately my school is not one of them.