“I need to change the gender on my transcript.” “I was born male but identify as female, am I eligible for your school’s gender based scholarships” “My name is Betty but I identify as a male, am I eligible to play on your football team.” Are you ready to answer these questions? Regardless of your institutions size or profile, you are likely to be asked to deal with transgender issues for either current or former students. This session will cover all of the basic background information on transgender individuals in a common sense way. You will also receive information on how to deal with issues specific to registrar and admission offices including name and gender record changes and implications for financial aid, reporting, and diversity.


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Great-information-relaxed presentation-thanks for coming to SACRAO

Thanks for the info!

Very informative-great presentation

Great! Detailed information. Thanks for the thorough overvie of all definitions and for handouts.

Necessary Session! I would like to see more sexual minority sessions.

Very informative! Needed more time!

Knowledgable informative, should be brought back next year!

Very informative- organized!

Excellent presnetation on a topic that's becoming more and more relevant.

Very informative!

Turned out to be very timely for institution

Good that is likely not addressed enough. Presenter was extremely knowdgeable and the material was extremely recent. Good job!

Jack thanks for presenting so much information in such a useful way.

Informative session!

Very informative

Very informative, thanks!

More aware of issues these students have to deal with/overcome

Very informative and resourceful

Timely and excellently presented!

Very informative

Very knowledgeable on the subject

Very useful sessin--Good to have the background info and how it informs our policies and practices. Should present this again--Jack cledarly knows his stuff! Well done!

Very informative! Gave a lot of infomration on a subject taht I didn't know a lot about. Excellent!

Great info and resources

Great session! Should be repeated ever year!

Very informative and related the topic very well to practices within the registrar's office