Workstations are the most utilized piece of technology in an organization. How much is being done in your organization to secure workstations and are they truly secured? Simply running an anti-virus program and a firewall isn’t enough these days if you want to thwart would-be attackers. Using the defense-in-depth model we’ll discuss additional ways you can secure your workstation and reduce your overall risk.


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Informative and helpful.

Nice to see something different for visuals. well presented.

The presentation was a little over my head from a technical aspect, but it was helpful to identify issues and answers.


(presentation got a '5' and Kyle got a '4')
(presentation got a '5' and Jim got a '4')

Good/useful/timely information. Kept away from high-tech lingo. Very important data presented clearly and concise.

Excellent presentation

Explained technical issues in a manner that "functional" users understand. Helped us understand the risks and steps to take.

Knowledgable a/b topic - good presentation - useful info.

Over my head. But good info

Informative, understandable, useful! Thank you.

Really enjoyed the time that was devoted to answering questions.

Good information.