Students don’t actually ask this of service representatives, but it is often evident that someone has been doing this for a very long time. In fact, it can be even more evident when you are not interacting with the students to provide them assistance, but more and more, a parent, grandparent, or other guardian. This session delves into understanding the generation we provide customer service to, how we must adapt to this intelligent, “over-supervised” group, as well as the culture where “helicopter” parents have accompanied their children into higher education. Narratives of real-life experiences will illustrate how service representatives successfully convey necessary information, and more specifically, how we confront challenges we face in assisting both parents and students thoroughly and appropriately versus simply becoming another caregiver.


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Very relevant topic, and a good job by the presenter.

A good session on the generation Y gap and how we filter these students into our colleges.

It was good b/c she had a lot of information but it could have been a little more lively.

good presentation great insight

quality presentation strengthened by personal experience as student and educational professional.
Useful background for Gen Y students which enables us to design more
appropriate service and in understanding our customers.
Carla is a positive example of Gen Y.

Why would anyone leave their cell phone on during their professional presentation? Material was basic - what is the application?
Where are the references for the material?

More on how to work/handle w/gen Y students/parents
Carla did good with presenting just needs to work on the "ums."

Too talkative! Need more interaction b/t group. Overall good info but needs to let audience have questions and interaction time more.

Carla did a great job!

It's tough to present right after lunch. I loved the fact that you called during the presentation. Suggest a letter more movement during the presentation.

Moderator - 5

Presenters cell phone rang twice on vibrate on the podium.

Great info
More specific statistics would help quanitfy
Get to solutions a bit quicker

Great presentation skills

Great job, especially relating her personal experiences during the presentatin very honest.

Great presentation! More examples are always welcomed

For someone who doesn't like public speaking, you did a great job.

good presentation good examples

Good outline
Personable - own story relates to Y generation discussion
Useful into but presenter isn't as polished as some others.
However, there was no lack of clarity - good talk!

very informative and true!

Interesting and relevant info

good information

great public speaker

Nothing enlightening about info shared

said "um" a lot. Otherewise very informative