M4.04 - FERPA Overview


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Always need FERPA!

Excellent knowledge of topic

Content is critical to what we do daily.

Glad he had a handout!

Too much information for session time period.

Always informative

Presenter very knowledgable on FERPA regulations

Very informative

Very good info and handouts. Very useful information!

Excellent presentation with handout - great help to obtain FERPA info.

Not enough time allotted for content of presentation.

Always great information from LeRoy Rooker! We appreciate your sharing your expertise.

Very knowledgable about FERPA. He gave a lot of information that is needed to maintain records under FERPA. Much needed information!

It was FERPA. It would be nice to have a speaker that would make FERPA fun. There has to be a way to get the point across other than speaking like a drone. They got very indepth for the general session on FERPA. Too much info at once. Narrow Topic.