M4.06 - Is this Credit Legit?


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Good overview of the many places where transfer hours can come from and how to deal with them.

good introduction to the trust credit process.

very short and very broad overview. this was a transfer 101 presentation as opposed to a detailed look at this. as such, it was good, but not what i expected. the q&a part was very valuable-turned into a transfer credit forum, which was nice.

very high level-very brief-but friendly, approachable presenter. needed more depth and substance in the presentation.

very basic info-was hoping for more advanced info.

good exchange of info

not as in depth as it could have been.

not as in depth as it could have been.

pleased, but very basic.

very straight forward. nice review. good questions.

need session that deals with accreditation other than regional.

very informative

presenter was concise, but short. group discussions was good.

interesting but not enough prepared content.

need more tips on what to look out for.
common cases, senerios.

fairly rudimentary for most registrars.

introductory and brief overview of trans credit. did not seem consistent with description which should have been more advanced and in depth.

great overview of sticky transfer evaluations.

needs to speak loudly, would have as he ended his sentence. session was 15 minutes.

need to have more information. session too short.

really didn't learn a whole lot of new info. presenter moved through presentation in 15 min. too short. should have more info.

very obvious-2 years of transfer experience.
would be more helpful to have someone with more experience and includes move volume of transfer students.

would have been more beneficial if presenter had more than 2 years of experience at an institution that only has 2500 students.
presenter unable to answer a lot of questions. audience doing consensus of who does what.

well organized-good speaker. however no new info being presented.