Learn how & why folks get this way, how your office/institution can decrease the frequency, how your staff can change these folk's from attackers to appreciators, and what to do when you have tried absolutely every tactic. As always, be prepared for some light humor in Dorinda's presentation. Please bring an example of your worst case scenario to share with the session participants.


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Presentation was awesome

Great info. Funny and Needed

Great presentation! Need to come back again. I learned a lot!

Great Presentation! Useful tips!

Great information - Thanks!

Great humor good tips and wonderful discussion.

Good information and good discussion.

Informative but fun! Enlightening.

Very humorous, but some good ideas.

Very entertaining but knowledgable.

Great humor & info

Awesome! Fun and informative Loved it!

Very informative

Enjoyable good info!

Great session. Dorinda is super.

Very informative.

Bring her back!

Very good presenter and presentation.

My chair partner feels the same way but we ran out of evaluation sheets.

Dorinda is terrific! Lots of good stuff to share with my staff.

Always entertaining and informative.

Very good presenter. Informative, prepared and energetic.

Great session as always. Wonderful speaker

Great knowledge of subject
great visuals

The goddess is always a hoot!
This session was light hearted and a great example of how humor can deliver the message.
Misery loves company!