M5.01 - Doing the work on admissions processing workflow


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good presentation, however this info did not apply to my institution

good presentation; however, it was not specifically a session that covered info pertiennt to my institution. Not what I thought it would be. Overall, a great job.

not what i expected it to be from title of session.
Interesting PowerPoint display but not as effective or important as I thought. In terms of my college.

great! both of you. Thanks for sharing your experience. I got ideas I can use in the Registrar's. I will try Prezi. :-)

vrey good session

boring. Boring boring big black guy was inappropriate. Information and presenter was BORING!

this presentation could have been combined with the image now presentation. Great presentation software. Thanks.

Very interesting process conversion. I enjoyed seeing the progression from "stickies" to the final decision.