M5.06 - College Incorporated!


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More people need to hear this and understand what is happening in our "industry". Great topic and info. Great session.

Tremendous amount of information on the for profit education sector and their many issues.

good overview of an important topic

breathtaking. please repeat next year maybe as a plenary.

presenations are always thoughtful and thought provoking.

Not may people in education can communicate with analogy as effectively as barmak.

interesting warnings. not really applicable-no solution just presentation of problem. what is the "so what?" element for my institution? what is call to action?

excellent, timely topic. good presenation. good data and organization

This presentation should be available to ALL ed conferencees!!!! and then some. would love to see a debate or hear from the for profit side.

very knowledgable.

excellent as always!

excellent presentation. barmack always explains these complex economic and political issues in a manner that I can understand.

very good presentation, but a it too political.

very imformative. this session should be available at each meeting if their are applicable updates.

need access to handouts. need handout / guide to follow this information. please put info on website!

always the best!!!!!!

presenter was great! However I coouldn't read most of his slides. The print was way too small.

barmack's always exceptionally brillant and provides great industry knowledge. i recommend having him speak at any given opporunity.

very insightful content.

extremely interesting and timely topic. If higher ed as we know it, does not react appropriately what we do will be in jeopardy.