T1.01 - Who needs women leaders? We all do!


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-really great powerpoint. A great deal of anecdotal knowledge. A little inappropriate.

presentation was broad generalizations about what women should be doing - not reality.

good research. Definitely learned ways to build myself up to move forward. Presenter was passionate on topic. Very honest.

Inspirational words.

Interactive. Very informative. Good info.

great session!

Enjoyed it from a men's perspective. Better then a previous women's leadership session attended last year presented by a woman.

Presentation was preachy.

(session got a '3' but speaker got a '2' on this one)

Excellent presentation. The differences of women & men in the workforce. Very enjoyable.

good presentation. Organized and knowledgable.

Good session. Enjoyed the presentation. Jairo is a great presenter.

Brilliant! Very engaging and informational session. Jairo is a very dynamic presenter.

Great topic and presentation.

Good presentation and discussion

good discussion from audience


(presentation got a '5' and Jairo got a '4')

Good research, good personal examples. Well done, and well presented. I enjoyed the humor too and liked the pink slides. Thank you, Mr. SACRAO.