This session will provide an overview of common immigration issues that come up regularly with the registrar and records staff, admissions counselors, and financial aid officers. A basic review of immigration terminology, pertinent government agencies, student visa classifications and visa classifications eligible and ineligible to study will be presented. This session will provide information to help staff navigate the complex and constantly changing world of immigration as it relates to our students, our university policies and internal office procedures including essential tools on understanding FERPA in the age of SEVIS, undocumented students, international admissions processing and financial aid eligibility.


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The best session I have attended. Extremely informative and needed. Please have her present again next year. She is a great presenter AND this is an important topic.

Most informative talk yet! Wealth of information...very useful.

did a great job fitting a lot of information in.

great job. :-)

great job on basics!

most important session of this conference. Thanks!!

Good information
Reccomend repeat next year
Kept with topic--good basic and overview.

Very good
Very informative
Very helpful

very informative

great information.

i think this session explains a lot of information. This session had no excitement.

great information. I appreciated covering the basics.

as a new PDSO this information reinforced some things and brought some things to my attention. The information was very helpful.

great session. Thanks!!!

Great presenter. Very informative.

very informative. Good presentation.

Great overview on the different types of international students and how communication between offices play an important role.

Great information. Very knowledgable. Great Resource.

Well prepared. good examples. was clear about law.