Join North Carolina State University to learn how, in the face of continuing budget cuts, we are using new approaches to assess course demand to maintain course availability and promote student success and retention. Learn how we are using this analysis to make high impact changes to our roll-forward schedules, offering a schedule that better utilizes limited resources and still fits the needs of our students


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Was a little worried that it was a vendor session in disguise, but happily it was not. Provided some good ideas for data analysis. Presenters were good.

great tips and information. Thank you.

topic in book vs. topic discussed a bit different. Turned into more of a sales pitch for platinum analytics. But was not presenters fault. The information was discussed in detail and examples were given. Would have liked to have heard more about a slution than just a problem.

excellent information. Thanks for the combination of general and applied content.

very interesting data analysis.

no handouts and would have been good.

appreciate the information shared

concise helpful information.

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