As the national focus on advance standing credit increases, it is becoming more important for colleges and universities to present clear and comprehensive information on how they accept and award credit from College Board Advance Placement, SATII Subject Tests, and International Baccalaureate Programs. With so many opportunities to earn credit through testing, students rarely limit themselves to just one type. Approaching multiple testing for credit policies with an eye for how these different test types synergize is not only attractive to students, but it gives the institution a logical foundation on which to base the credit they award. Over the past two years, the University of Georgia has conducted a comprehensive review of its credit for testing; focusing on the development of policies and credit awards that are similar in scope and layout. Keeping accurate records of the numbers of students entering an institution with advance standing credits also aids programs in their assessment of the types and numbers of enrollments they can expect in certain courses. The result is students and administrators are much more confident when planning their schedules. In my presentation, I will discuss the process UGA used in the evaluation and streamlining of our Credit from Testing policies and procedures.


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very helpful. Thank you.

very knowledgeable and informative

very informative

audrey was succint and informative. Covered a lot of credit information. I will look at their web site for reference material for research. Thank you!

excellent participation/discussion.

very thorough--engaged audience and able to answer all questions clearly. Thanks.

informative and helpful

audrey was very informative and interactive. She didn't mind questions that interrupted her presentation. I was very pleased with her session.

would prefer the powerpoint have actual presentation info and not just pictures. I learn by seeing. I got specific IB info which I came from.

difficult for the visual learner. Horse farm sure nice...but---

seemed contradictory at times. specifically regarging departmental placement.

odd use of PowerPoint
Seemed a little scattered

a little bit disorganized. Powerpoint was not related to session.

good info to see what others are doing with their policies.