T1.09 - Advance Standing Credit: Clarifying Policies from AP, IB SATII and Other Credit Sources


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very helpful. Thank you.

very knowledgeable and informative

very informative

audrey was succint and informative. Covered a lot of credit information. I will look at their web site for reference material for research. Thank you!

excellent participation/discussion.

very thorough--engaged audience and able to answer all questions clearly. Thanks.

informative and helpful

audrey was very informative and interactive. She didn't mind questions that interrupted her presentation. I was very pleased with her session.

would prefer the powerpoint have actual presentation info and not just pictures. I learn by seeing. I got specific IB info which I came from.

difficult for the visual learner. Horse farm sure nice...but---

seemed contradictory at times. specifically regarging departmental placement.

odd use of PowerPoint
Seemed a little scattered

a little bit disorganized. Powerpoint was not related to session.

good info to see what others are doing with their policies.