T2.03 - Modernizing Your Office Website


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good information. I will be looking for it on the website.

great for anyone in process of updating your website. Very helpful.

great topic. Very good presentation.

great info that will help us as we update our own website.

very good presentation.

very good; informative session.

nice to see new ideas. thoughts on thinking through based on constituents.

very informative and timely since my institution just brought a CMS.

good job. :-)

organized and concise overview of the process W&L went through to update their website. Good pointers and entertaining presentation.

very thorough, good information

interesting and funny presenters. Useful information and good tips.

useful information and good presenters.

very helpful. thanks.

useful information and suggestions.

*excellent* presenter

very useful information. A thorough presentation well researched. well done.

great presentation. Very informative.

great tips and suggestions.
Excellent examples.

great information.

thanks for sharing Barbara.