Panel Discussion regarding the delicate dealings with FOI, those influential people on campus and in the community who ask for special treatment. This often involves a balancing act between upholding standards, enforcing policy, and evaluating the 'politics' of the situation. This panel will discuss actual situations and philosophies for resolution.


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enjoyed presenters from 3 types of institutions.

wow...sessions keep getting better...

nancy was fantastic

useful and informative

I appreciate the "behind the scenes" approach of the session.

wonderful panel---full of insight

great examples and positive outcome resolution tips

good topic--handled well

very relevant
Great real life examples

good job. I would have liked more practical techniques to navigate the process. Nancy was amazing. UGA always seems to set the example. She gave excelelnt advice. Other presenters did well, too.

real good discussions.

interesting insight. Nice examples.

Individual rankings by presenter:

Clint: 3=2; 4=9; 5=11
Kim: 3=3; 4=10; 5= 10
Nancy: 3=1; 4=3; 5=19