With employment prospects so bleak to begin with, we think the process to being hired is the most difficult challenge we will face. However, navigating the environment of a first or new "real job" can be a daunting task as well. This session provides some practical skills for the recent college graduate and/or new hire. The developmental concept of emerging adulthood will be discussed, as well as how this stage relates to the important life choices introduced by the transition from the student to the full-time employee role. Some topics examined through real-life experiences include acquiring health insurance, building credit and savings, responsible nutrition, financial traps to avoid, and coping in general with the adjustment of settling into the professional role.


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Handouts would be helpful. Title was a bit misleading. Good academic info but not very useful.

very informative. I enjoyed the details and specifics.

good presentation. I was able to identify with the subject matter.

could tell he definitley knew his stuff. Soc major??

He did a really good job!

presenter was very well researched and academic delivery. Would like to see his data related to enrollment service such as how EAs engage the enrollment process and trends ES must accomodate as recruiters or employment. Employment was eventually addressed.

great speaking voice however it was a lot of reading. I would have preferred more of a teaching (from experience) kind of presentation.

good information that helps to deal with younger co-workers now that I understand more.

good information and concrete suggestions

idea of presentation was good, but pace was so fast it was hard to follow his presentation.

i am middle age and the title attacted me. What i found was a wealth of tips on how to deal with my new emploees who just graduated from college and are coming to work full time for the first time. Thanks.

made audience aware of some unique characteristics of gen y kids now in the workforce.

tim was professional, informative, and an impressive engaging speaker. Fantastic job! Great material.

very informative and it was great hearing another's experience.