Are a few antiquated classrooms with poor scheduling statistics bringing down your overall campus room utilization? By monitoring seat fill and classroom use, you can determine which rooms are underused on your campus. Create a network of campus administrators to help find solutions: technology, classroom furniture, better scheduling practices, etc. Use scheduling software reports to inform your decision makers and guide your suggestions about which rooms might be reclassified for more efficient use.

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excellent grassroots information.

thanks for sharing.

helful powerpoint. Practical information applicable to large and small institutions. Good q&A as well.

great session.

speaker good. Subject too college campus specific.

need handouts

excellent! very informative. good iformation that I can use at my institution.

made some very good points. will be taking ideas back to my campus.

really knows the problems. good presenter.

informative. good ideas.

good presentation.

very helpful. nuts and bolts. appreciate tips.