WS1.02 - Veterans Enrollment Certification and The Post-9/11 GI Bill


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Engaging - tough material but presented clearly.

Very informative - clear presentation - engaging with audience

Very good information, would have helped to have some veterans express their concerns with the GI Bill

Excellent in-depth information!
Well worht the extra fee. Mr. Rogers is a polished presenter.

Slides a little fast. Overall a good session seeing as how confusing the whole VA program is.

Thank you.

Very informative and helpful on a very confusing subject!

Would have liked a handout listing the changes. Overall - good presentation.

The best presentation of VA Benefits I have ever heard.

Good presenter. Very knowledgable. Always need VA presentation.

Very knowledgable & informative.

Great information - especially for new school certifying official. Very good question and answer sessions.

Very, very timely information.

Most helpful

Even though the topic of Veterans Benefits is always "complicated" Michael was informative and succinct and made sure we all understood before he moved forward.

Thank you

Great information. Should be at every SACRAO at least for a few more years VA is servicing nearly 800,000 students.

The info and presentation was good but I would have appreciated handouts.

Excellent presentation. Always pleasant with a great attitude.

Very clear on where to get clarification.

Very thorough
Energetic and engaging
Provided personal information for questions and feedback
Sincere about material