M4.06 - Curriculum Rules in Banner


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Anonymous at 15:13 on 13 Feb 2012

Good session.

Presenter definitely knew his stuff. Too many buzz words(letters) for non banner people.

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9 Four
9 Five

Good info- got some good ideas. well presented.

Knows his stuff.

Good food for thought. A bit confusing though.

a lot of information.

Good presentation. the journey through the process was well thought. This guy knows his stuff.

A difficult topic explained very clearly.

Outstanding presentation. Presenter unusually well knowledgeable about curric issues in Banner. Thanks

very informative, enjoyed!

Banner sessions are always useful.

excellent-what i need as Banner neophyte.

very informative. good ideas. present next year for repeat.
watch for having too much info.
Possible suggestion for next year--a session just on reports to monitor curriculum with more detail on these.