MySQL 5.7 has been the best received version of MySQL to date. But several legacy issues have needed correction for a long time and are now being fixed. MySQL 8 will have a true data dictionary (no more .frm, .myd, or other table with metadata) that will let you have millions of tables within a databases. The default character set will be UTF8MB4 with multi plane support for thinks like CJK support and emojis. Plus you will get invisible indexes, roles, windowing functions plus CTEs, and big improvements in the optimizer. histograms for the Performance Schema, and more. Plus learn how to test MySQL 8 from a container before you need to upgrade.


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Daniel Craigie at 13:34 on 4 Nov 2017

Wow, lots of changes on the way. Looks like MySQL wants to pick fights on many fronts in the coming releases.

If I were forced to complain: I could have done with a slightly slower presentation in the beginning (difficult for note takers to keep up).

Always great to see demos that backup the slides ?

Denis Brumann at 16:45 on 7 Nov 2017

I enjoyed the talk, but as someone who is not intensively working with MySQL on a day to day basis, especially not doing administrative tasks, I would have liked some of the new features to be put in a context or explained in a little more detail.

It seemed like Dave presumed everyone was already familiar with 5.7 either from using it or from listening to his other talk(s). I think it's reasonable to at least quickly recap major changes such as JSON-support instead for those who are not.

I liked the idea of leaving time for discussion/questions, but judging by how it was picked up the time could have been spent working on some of the points above instead.

Richard Black at 11:29 on 16 Nov 2017

It's a while since I've used MySQL to any great extent, so maybe I wasn't really the target audience, but for me this was the weakest talk I went to.

Nothing against Dave, who clearly knows his stuff, and presented it well enough, but the subject matter was pretty dry and didn't really grab me.